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Hostels At Bukovinian State Medical University

Bukovinian State Medical University is the only university which provides separate Girl’s hostel for Indian girls.

Higher State Educational Establishment of Ukraine “Bukovinian State Medical University”provides accommodation for students in the government hostels only.

In total BSMU has 7 hostels. University’s hostels are a corridor type and block type buildings with rooms designed to be shared by 2-3-4 students. Foreign students live in the hostels Hostel No.2, HostelNo 4 (Girl’s Hostel), Hostel No. 5, Hostel No. 6 and Hostel No.7.

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Bukovinian State Medical University has 5 government hostels for Indian students

The University’s hostels provide adequate living conditions, proper conditions for self-studying and organization of leisure activities to all students living there. All rooms are furnished and equipped with other necessary stuff (bed linen, blankets, pillows etc.).

All hostels have rooms for self-studying furnished with desks and chairs. In addition hostels include quarters of residential use, such as laundry, canteen, gym, billiard room and library. For example, at the Hostel No 5 a lending library is opened, and there is a reading hall, containing 6 480 manuals of the scientific and methodical literature in English. It should be also noted that in the canteen of the Hostel No 5 the dishes are cooked according to the food preferences of foreign students. Moreover, the canteen is used for celebrating different religious and national holidays of the countries which the students come from.

Indian Café is situated inside the hostel of Bukovinian State Medical University

Delicious Indian food is prepared in a very good manner by specialized Indian cooks from India in the Indian Café.

University has special guest house for parents when they visit to students at BSMU

Indian Cafe In Hostel

Professional Indian Cook In Hostel

Seprate Indian Girls Hostel No: 4

Hostel No:- 7 Indian Students

Hostel No:-2 Indian Students

Hostel No: 5 – Indian Students

Hostel Rooms

Washing Machines In Hostels